How To Ensure Your Child’s Security With A Smartwatch?

The world is currently focused on privacy issues, the negative effects of technology and how they affect us, but at the same time, we should not really forget the massive benefits that they offer, especially when it comes to security and safety. The advancements of technology have helped make communication so much better; gone are the days when parents had to wait in agony till their kids got home to know they are safe.

The biggest advantage of smartwatches for parents is that they can track their kids’ locations at all times thanks to the GPS tech inbuilt. This means parents can constantly keep an eye to ensure their kid is at the right place and is safe at all times. In the worst case scenario, even if your kid goes missing, one can just check the location history to find out what happened and where the kid currently is.

Most smartwatches made for kids are made using strong and durable materials that can withstand the knocks and hits that are bound to happen in a kid’s life. They come with batteries that ensure a long battery life of at least a day or two, so you will not have to fret about a dead smartwatch halfway through the afternoon.

Another major benefit is that unlike a nanny cam or an audio nanny cam, smartwatches are easy to carry. They function as a normal watch, come with the design of a watch and can be easily strapped on the wrist giving no issues to the wearer. There is also no chance of your kid losing it at any point.

They generally come with a complete OS system that has everything to keep kids entertained for hours. The smartwatches nowadays can play videos, music or can be used to play games, all of which can keep children busy for hours to come. Parents have the ability to remotely view what they are doing, monitor their online activity and so on. Certain versions of these watches even include features where parents can lock certain aspects or set down restrictions to keep their children safe from accessing harmful things, which in turn gives parents less to worry about.

Smartwatches are also compatible with both Android and iOS so parents will have no problem monitoring their kids’ activity and location right from their phone, no matter where they are as the smartphone apps generally have location history and location tracking features inbuilt into them.

New versions of smartwatches also come with native support for sims and cellular networks. The inclusion of SIMs allow children to take calls from the smartwatch which is incredibly handy in the event that they get into some sort of incident. Parents can rest easy as they usually can see a history of the calls on their smartphone so their kids will not be calling unknown or unwanted people without your knowledge. The activity trackers on smartwatches have the benefit of allowing you to track the fitness levels of your kids too.


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Ways to Nurture Creativity in Your Kids with Doodle Pads and 3G Watches

Your kids are definitely important aspects of your life, and it is essential that you ensure that they are getting all the attention and care that they need.

Apart from stuff like nanny cam and nanny cam with audio that will enable their safety, it is also right that you get tools that will help your children develop their minds.

To wit, say help to the doodle pad and the 3G watch. Below are a few ways through which these devices can help develop the creative genius in your child:

They get to exercise their minds

Creativity is- before anything else- a function of the mind. Without the ability to think something up, there is no way that creativity in a person is nurtured with the help of a doodle pad and a 3G watch, your child will be able to earn to use his (or her) mind from a pretty early age, and this will definitely help this child to nurture a creative habit in no time. This habit, when fully nurtured and developed, is definitely going to stay with the child even into their older years

Their hands get some work done as well

Apart from being a function of the mind, creativity also has quite a lot to do with the hands. Most times, the hands are tasked with portraying what the mind thinks. A doodle ad makes this possible by providing a platform for a child to be able to draw and develop images and structures. These drawings might not especially look like much, but the process through which creativity develops can sometimes be a long one. All the child needs is time, and you can rest assured that this creativity that is inherent in the child will definitely find meaningful and valuable expression.

Kids learn to play and learn at the same time

Getting children to commit to something that can build them up can sometimes be a difficult task, especially as they usually opt to do something fun and playful. Well, thanks to doodle pads, the fun and developmental have been successfully amalgamated. The ability to build and draw will definitely be one that your child will love, and you can rest assured that while this child has all the fun, he (or she) will also learn and develop a creative mind

They are able to make mistakes and have them fixed

Creativity is never a one-way thing. There are mistakes to be made, and there are lessons to be learned this is one thing that a doodle pad and a 3G watch will be able to teach your child.


About The Author

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and camera stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.

Teach your children about stranger danger

We’ve all heard the warnings growing up. In fact, we still teach our children the same things from young: don’t talk to strangers, don’t follow them anywhere. But how effective is this exactly? According to an experiment done by ITV’s Daybreak, these warnings may not be enough. 7 out of 9 children in the experiment forgot all they had been taught about stranger danger when they were approached by a stranger who asked for help with his lost dog. The longest time taken for the man to persuade a child to leave with him was a mere three minutes. The shortest he took was 33 seconds. Less than a minute. That’s the time it takes for a careless parent to just look away. This experiment highlights an important lesson for parents: protecting your children from stranger danger goes beyond verbal cautions.

So what can parents do to protect their children? Here are some tips!

1. Teach them who ‘trusted adults’ are.

Don’t just put all unfamiliar adults under the blanket term ‘strangers’ but instead teach your children who they can turn to when in trouble, such as policemen or retail staff in malls. This can be crucial in moments of need when family members are not around or when your child gets lost.

2. Learn your child’s daily routine.

Very often, parents make the mistake of completely not monitoring their children as giving them space to grow and gain independence. While the latter is infinitely important, parents still need to pay attention to their children’s whereabouts and daily routine. Let your children make their own way home but make sure you know what route they are taking and how long the route takes.

Oaxis’ MyFirst Fone is a godsend in helping parents keep an eye on their children while allowing them to take their first steps towards independence. It has a geofencing function which allows parents to preset a safe zone and sends an alert when your child crosses the boundary. Furthermore, you can also receive real-time updates on their location through MyFirst Fone’s precise GPS tracking!

MyFirst Fone provides real-time GPS tracking up to 20m accuracy!


3. Teach them to be aware of their surroundings

Children need to be taught a sense of awareness and to trust their instincts. If they feel like something is wrong, they need to respond immediately. MyFirst Fone lets children send out distress signals to their parents with a simple tap. Once the one-touch SOS is activated, parents will receive an emergency location notification and 30-second live recording of the surrounding sounds. The fast response can mean the world. After all, it only takes 33 seconds for a stranger to lure your child away.


Write, sketch or scan your documents into Notes on your iPhone and sync them into your InkCase.


Especially useful with the new document scanner on your iPhone in Notes, you can now have them in your InkCase too. Read more about the document scanner on the new iOS 11 here:

Have an Important Meeting to attend?

Make sure you have everything with you and don’t leave any details out with the InkCase. Lock your note on the InkCase and stay reminded.

During meeting, use the InkCase to go through the details and avoid distractions from your phone’s notifications! Moreover, the InkCase comes with E-ink technology screen so you can read your notes without straining your eyes.

Reading Notes

Do you have a stack of notes to read? Scan them into your iPhone and sync to your InkCase. This way, you can read your notes on the InkCase for a longer period without straining your eyes. Just like reading on paper. You can now minimize the weight and items you must bring out every day. Keep all your notes on InkCase!

What is E Ink?

Electronic Ink also known as E Ink utilizes the same pigments used in the printing industry. When laminated with plastic and adhered to electronics, it creates an Electronic Paper Display (EPD).

Two Pigment Ink System

There are millions of microcapsules which contains positively charged white particles and negatively charged particles, suspended in clear fluid. When a positive or negative electric field is being applied, the corresponding particles move to the top of the microcapsule where it becomes visible. This make the surface appear black or white at that spot.


For more information on E Ink, go to

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The Power of Personalized Push News

Introducing the personalized push news for the InkCase…

This function automatically curate and push articles to the InkCase based on your interests. We have designed a smart algorithm which learns from your interaction with the InkCase. Instead of browsing and searching for news, you can now receive daily news pushed directly to the InkCase.

Why push news?

It can be a hassle to search for something you want to read due to the distractions caused by the sheer number of news published each day. Therefore, our engineers worked towards a solution to keep you updated with news that relates to you.

You can now express your interests by pushing the like button on each news articles or dislike the news that is pushed to you. The InkCase will further personalize and streamline the news that are recommended for you relating to your interests.

You can customize your feed according to how much time you want to spend reading news for the day. InkCase will provide you the news that you are interested in according to your chosen time, from 30 minutes onwards up to 2 hours or more. For example, InkCase can push 30 minutes (based on reading time) worth of news to you for your 30 minutes morning commute.

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Current news sources 90+

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The Page-Break issue is solved: you can now read your articles or e-books smoothly

At the top of the device, words were cut: this page-break bug was a priority to fix. We have upgraded our InkCase so that you can have the best reading experience. As before, you can use our convenient page turn buttons on the bottom of the InkCase to switch between pages.

The display of eBook contents has requirements beyond that of a traditional web browser which is HTML based. This means that scrolling of pages has already been optimized. On the other hand, the InkCase being the first of its kind, requires proprietary R&D to perfect the page-break pagination bug. Unlike the web browser where it is scrollable, the InkCase reader is paginated and allows for continuous reading.


“Have they resolved the abysmal “rolling blind” failure on the eReader?”

“Sentences are sliced right in half”

Previously, our InkCase users were faced with the ‘page-break’ bug where pages overflow to the next page and lines were being cut-off. We thank everyone for reporting the bug and giving your feedback on the issue. Our engineers had fixe the bug and we truly hope you continue to enjoy your reading experience with InkCase.

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Re-use your ‘notebook’ over and over again with the reMarkable!

The digital age is a conundrum of tradition and progress. We constantly seek out new technologies to make our environment paperless but yet feel the magnetic pull of the pen and paper. This conflict between digital and analogue may have a resolution in reMarkable – an E Ink Tablet users can write on.

What is the reMarkable?

The reMarkable tablet delivers the experience of reading and writing on a 10.3 inch digital screen with the feel of authentic paper. The company emphasizes the ultra high friction materials used for the screen to mimic the sensation of actual paper. CANVAS, the proprietary low-latency technology utilised, also provides a faster refresh rate and over 1000 levels of pressure. This helps mitigates the notoriously slow refresh rate of e-paper.

Unlike most tablets, the reMarkable is intentionally designed to be minimalist. It can only display ebooks and documents while allowing users to scribble as they will on the content displayed. With a sleek exterior, it is sure to be a hit with students as a replacement for the heavy textbooks and notebooks they need! Furthermore, all of your notes and drawings can be synced to the cloud service and be accessed on your mobile devices. Wi-Fi connectivity also makes it easy to collaborate with others on the reMarkable.

The lack of glass parts ensures that the reMarkable is a rather sturdy device, able to withstand drops. The device is able to last for days on a single charge thanks to the extremely low power consumption of the E Ink display. InkCase also makes use of this particular characteristic of E Ink to enhance its functionality. It adds a secondary screen to the back of your iPhone, allowing you to read anywhere, any time.

InkCase E Ink e-reader
Keep your favourite books in your pocket!

While the reMarkable is indeed remarkable, it comes at a comparatively steep price. Preorders are available for $379 currently. A complete set of the tablet, pen and folio case will cost $716.

Onyx Boox Typewriter may be the next game-changer.

Nowadays mobile device hybrids are all the range as firms come up with all sorts of interesting combinations. One such example is Oaxis’ InkCase which transforms your iPhone into an e-reader. It adds a second screen to the back of your phone, allowing you to read anywhere, any time.

Inkcase allows you to keep your to-do list and schedule constantly visible on the back of your phone.
Never forget another errand again with Inkcase!

Thanks to this trend, E Ink has gained more interest as companies try to improve their products in terms of power consumption, speed and functionality. In fact, just recently Onyx International has revealed a rather interesting prototype – its Onyx Boox Typewriter which is essentially a 2-in-1 E Ink laptop. Yup, you read that right. Onyx has managed to combine an E Ink display with a full fledged laptop, not merely a tablet!

So what’s the big deal with E Ink screens? Well, not only do they consume much less power than LCD and AMOLED screens, they are also much gentler on our eyes. One charge can last a typical e-reader for weeks! However, E Ink screens are also more limited in terms of video playback, colour display and the refresh rate. This has as such limited the usage of E Ink to e-readers mostly. Onyx however, thinks that the Onyx Boox Typewriter may just be the gamechanger.

What is it?

The Boox Typewriter is actually a rather unconventional Android device. It uses a old 1GHz Cortex-A9 processor with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The device also runs the older Android 4.0 version. Unlike your usual e-readers, the Onyx Boox Typewriter has a metal body and hence looks and even feels like your average 2-in-1 detachable laptop. The most notable difference is that the Boox has a 9.7-inch 1280×825 E Ink display. This allows the Boox to be used as an e-reader when detached from the keyboard. It doubles as a word processor, black and white web browser, and more with a screen that is easy on the eyes. The device also supports an electromagnetic (EMR) pen, allowing users to scribble on the text.

Onyx is marketing the Boox as the perfect tool for people who work on the move and need to type outside with minimal eye strain. The device will definitely also be useful for students and bookworms too! That being said, Onyx has to resolve the problems caused by the E Ink display. The incompatibility of E Ink’s extra slow refresh rate with the user’s fast typing is one such issue. Also the weight of the metal frame can be cumbersome too. Since Boox is only expected to launch until early 2018, here’s to hoping that Onyx uses the time they have to work out all the kinks!


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Here’s the future of networking: E Ink Badges!

Plastic Logic is working together with Blendology to combine its bi-stable electrophoretic display, based on a unique OTFT backplane, with Blendology’s oneTap technology. Blendology built a reputation for itself as an event solutions company with its unique interactive oneTap technology. It allows users to connect and network with a simple tap of their special delegate badges

Why E Ink?

While developing its trademark badges, Blendology realised that the display would be imperative. The badge needed to have all the physical characteristics of a traditional paper exhibition badge while retaining interactivity.

The firm uses Plastic Logic’s 4-inch E Ink display, including a logic controller that acts as an interface between the badge and its app. One badge costs US$60 but since it’s designed for reuse, the cost will be covered over time

Plastic Logic’s E Ink display is sturdy enough for the usual taps and drops the badges may undergo. Due to the extremely low power consumption, a single charge can last the badge for many days. The lightweight nature also ensures the comfort of delegates even when worn for long periods of time.

Moreover, the badges can keep the display on with no additional power consumption, providing a paper-like display. These characteristics have made E Ink displays the prime choice for products such as the InkCase which gives you the best of both worlds. The InkCase adds an E Ink screen at the back of your phone, allowing you to read anywhere and any time!

Oaxis InkCase e ink ereader
Put your library in your pocket with the InkCase!

The badge utilises the display aptly, maximising the functionality since users can change the content displayed accordingly. The badges can as such double as venue maps, conference agendas and even more. The increased degree of customisation opens up a whole new level of potential for the events industry.

The potential of Blendology

Currently, more than 350 events in 18 countries have used the badges successfully. Blendology is also looking into integrating these badges into other markets such as corporate use and personal electronic business cards.

Keep an eye out too for future collaborations between Blendology and Plastic Logic! Blendology has also expressed interest in working together with Plastic Logic in a venture to produce the world’s thinnest watch in the future.

Sync up the entire family’s schedules seamlessly with Magic Calendar!

From the way we read to the signage we walk past every day, E Ink has been increasingly incorporated into our daily lives. The InkCase for example, lets you transform your phone into an e-reader with a secondary E Ink screen at the back of your phone.

InkCase i7 e-reader, productivity, reading
Read anywhere, any time with InkCase!

While many may argue that E Ink’s progress is indicative of the way technology has taken over our lives, this new E Ink product takes us right back to the good ol’ days of wall calendars.

E Ink, Magic Calendar, Productivity, family time

So what exactly is the Magic Calendar?

On the surface, the Magic Calendar looks just like your typical paper wall calendar. It actually uses a colour E Ink display to organise your schedule cleverly. The E Ink screen hidden in the minimalistic design allows the calendar to display changeable media. Moreover, thanks to E Ink’s low power consumption, each charge can last up to 3 months!

The brainchild of Kosho Tsuboi Design, the Magic Calendar essentially inherits the best of both the smartphone and traditional calendar. Combining the familiar aesthetics of paper and the speed of smartphone calendars, it’ll be helpful in boosting your productivity, be it at home or in the office!

With the ability to sync and display several users’ Google Calendars in different colours, the Magic Calendar makes it so easy for users to sync up their schedules without any hassle. Just think about how easy it’ll be to arrange those family dinners or office meetings! No need to text everyone to ask for their schedules anymore; just log in and let the Calendar work its magic.

Need more persuading? Go ahead and watch the video to see how wonderfully simple and effective the calendar works!

The Magic Calendar is part of Google Android Experiments program which seeks to create new ways to use technology. I think it’s more than fair to say that it has definitely achieved that!

Currently, it’s still in the prototype stage while the designers work out some of the technical hurdles. However according to Kosho Tsuboi Design, they already have a fully-working version and are proceeding with a completed design. One thing is for sure – the Magic Calendar definitely brings us another step closer to blurring the boundaries between analog and digital technology.