InkCase i7 IVY

Your digital case assistant

The Smartest Way to Protect Your iPhone

InkCase i7 IVY dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience – Smart Assistance. Introducing the case that works behind the scene. Notifying you only the most important details. Intelligent Assist suggestions appear right when you need them.

Drag the mouse to rotate InkCase i7 IVY

Month long battery

InkCase i7 IVY is designed to effortlessly assist you through the day, the weeks and the months. With a single charge, InkCase i7 IVY is powered up to 2 months! Anyone would have thought it is solar powered.

E Ink screen

Requiring virtually no power to display an image. E Ink technology allows for the screen to stay permanently on while consuming zero battery.

Enduringly stunning

Choose from 4 finely crafted materials and stand out. Our award winning designer put together the best color combinations so it soothes your inner aesthetic senses. It is simply the best complement for your iPhone 7.

Essential information at your fingertips

Get live updates on events for the day so you are always one step ahead.

Extreme conditions usability

Smartphone struggles under direct sunlight even with brightness set to the maximum. InkCase i7 IVY excels under these extreme conditions thanks to its high anti-glare properties.

Absolute protection

InkCase i7 IVY offers extremedrop protection. Using the latest BubblePro Technology, millions of Micro Weave locks together to reinforce the case rigidity. Energy from an impact is absorbed by the Micro Weaves and spread across the entire outer case. InkCase i7 IVY is certified for 22 drops at 240cm. Giving you a complete peace of mind.

Surprisingly thin

We really mean it when we named it the InkCase i7 IVY. With all the protection and technology packed in, InkCase i7 IVY merely weighs 55g and is surprisingly thin at 3.1mm.